Who's Your Reader?

When you’re planning your book, there’s something very important you should consider:

Who is your reader?

Don’t say, everyone.

Not that you won’t write the most fascinating book in the universe, but be realistic about your audience. If the book is just for your family, that’s fine. If you’ve planned it for a select group of people, like your fellow campers from a summer camp thousands have attended, you understand your audience is limited.

Once you’ve defined your readership, you can write the book with that audience in mind. If you write with those specific people in mind, your book will be more appropriate and appealing to them.

If you have a wider audience, there are other ideas you’ll want to consider. Of course, don’t censor yourself. But do be true to your plan for writing.

Be realistic. Research who you audience is and what they like to read.

And then proceed with the idea that motivated you to write the book.

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