Why Are You Writing Your Book?

Many people are determined to write a book – someday.

Being driven to write for a purpose is a great deal different than feeling a vague sense that your know things that could be valuable as a book.

To determine if you could write a book that might be popular or even valued by family and friends, first think about your audience:

  • Do you know people who would be interested in reading the book?
  • Would you be giving it away to clients so they would remember you by this evidence of your expertise?
  • Would Uncle Joe or Aunt Mable like to read the book or – if they were mentioned in the book, would they be furious and stop speaking to you and sue you?
  • Do you have a unique story that could get people to pay attention – and buy it?

So many people laughingly (or sometimes tearfully) talk about the seventeen relatives who bought their book – and the 10 cases of books sitting in a storage facility.

One gentleman wrote a book about the summer camp he attended as a child. Claiming that thousands of kids had attended over the 50 years or more that the camp had been operating, he hoped to sell many books. I hope he did!

Books are expensive to develop. Time, effort, editing, cover, printing, and marketing all figure into the cost.

I’d love it if you truly want to write a book or other written work. After all, coaching writers is my expertise and I love books. But, and this should have one of those “Caution” notices like medications’ labeling, be sure your intentions are true.

In writing a book, you are creating your own “baby.” I do my best to smooth the path, but the work will need to be done to get the book completed and the baby grown. You wouldn’t want to abandon your beloved baby, would you?


And, if after all of these cautionary statements, you still want to create your book? Request a free download of 10 Steps to Book Writing Success, at BookWritingSuccess Coach.com to smooth the path and – call me in the morning!


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