Why I Want to Be a Millennial

Seriously, the Millennial generation – those born about 1978 to 2000 – are getting really bad press. They are labeled as lazy, arrogant, incapable, and unprepared.



Recently, I’ve met a number of Millennials. I don’t agree with the labels.

The people I’ve met in the younger contingent of Millennials have been in their late teens and early twenties. They have been well-educated, ambitious, eager to work, bright, technology-focused and collaborative.

In some ways, I might have been an iconoclast much as this new generation. In college, I disliked how they had arranged my shared dorm room. My roommate and I agreed to reposition our wardrobes from a design I developed. The new floor plan provided separate areas for a private dressing room, a sleeping area, and our desks, plus we could keep the mess contained. The old arrangement offered no privacy for either roommate.

Everyone in our dorm loved the new approach and began switching their room arrangements, too. The powers-that-be decided that what we were doing was dangerous. By moving the wardrobes, we were incurring their liability for our safety. They instituted a fee so their staff member would move the wardrobe.

What happened was that two generations clashed on approach. I didn’t understand why having someone else move our wardrobes was necessary. Everyone agreed that what I had developed was a superior use of space.

Millennials have great brains, are collaborative and creative, want their opinions considered and are impatient to make advancements.

Sign me up! I want to be an (honorary) Millennial.

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