Why write?

Why you need to write –

Have you been avoiding writing, learning to write or polishing your proficiency?
-Maybe you’ve been avoiding writing because you had a traumatic experience in school when your teacher convinced you that you were a terrible writer.
-Maybe every time you sit down to write everything else seems more appealing or distracting.
-Maybe you wind up with writer’s block, even when you really commit to writing –


What’s in it for you when you write – well, better, or at all?

Expressing yourself in writing that has a beginning, middle and end makes a difference. It can make you richer – in both money and the reactions to your writing.

-A techie guy I know learned to write well. He could write great reports as well as do the science. He’s a CEO and a lot of that can be attributed to using his great mind to write incisive, professional reports.
-Another young man I taught years ago had issues with his writing. Meeting his mom today, she told me I inspired him. He’s a good writer – and a Fulbright scholar.
-An adult student I taught in a precollege writing class was a poor writer. She not only refused a promotion rather than demonstrate her poor writing skills for the reviews she would need to write, but quit the company. After really applying herself in my class, she went from F to A in 16 weeks! “You changed my life,” she said.

Just think how impressed your true love would be if you could express your feelings for him or her in writing!

What all of these stories share is how writing can produce a richer life for you and others in your life.

Making a compelling case for whatever reason you might need to – and not in 140 characters – can give you command of your life as well as your language.

Commit to learning to write. Self-esteem, pleasure, talent, competency and other positive results may ensue!

And, if you have the wobbles over writing – get help and work on it! Much like improving your batting average in baseball, practice is just that. So, write!

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