Wrestling with Words

Faced with a blank page, what do you do?

Some writers walk away until inspiration strikes.

Like with life, take the opportunity to make your mark.

Write something.

Put a word on the page. If you come up with a better, different or more evocative word later, you can change it.

The idea is to begin.

Although words and life choices can seem limitless, making a choice and continuing is the true road to success.

As you express yourself, think about what you’re trying to accomplish.  Yes, even if you’re on deadline or are just writing for your own pleasure, it is important to have a reason to write. Knowing your reason for writing will provide more motivation for you and more focus for your end result and your reader.

Still wrestling with the words?  Again, put down another word, and another.  Your unconscious brain is working on your behalf, even in sleep, and might bring just the word, idea or theme you need to create a brilliant piece of writing.

When you’ve completed a segment or the entire document, give your writing another chance to shine.

To see if your words have power and tell a story – even stories that are nonfiction – read them to yourself, aloud or in your head.  If you “choke up” as you read, modify what you’ve written so it flows more smooth.

Of course, a final proofing, checking spelling, grammar, punctuation and organization is essential. If there’s time, put the writing aside for a chance to review it with fresh eyes. You might be surprised what you notice that can be improved or enhanced.

Once you’ve taken these steps, you can be somewhat assured that you’ve wrestled with your writing challenge and pinned it.

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