Writing Well: Let's Start at the Very Beginning

During a recent workshop, I was confronted with writing on a deadline.

Where to begin?

If you are faced with that question when you’re beginning a book, essay or other writing project, what can you do?

My approach would likely work for you.

Start at the beginning with one word. If you had to write one word that summarized your writing project, what would it be?

That’s how I started my deadline writing. I came up with one word, elaborated with points that supported the topic, then added examples and other items that were suggested by the first point. Once I was really moving along, I found myself thinking logically of what should be next.

Before I knew it, I had probably written close to 300 words and the workshop facilitator was telling us to finish up in two minutes.

If starting a writing project is giving you headaches or you’re stuck in the middle, check out BookWritingSuccessCoach.com for strategies.

PS “Let’s start at the very beginning” is a line from the musical, The Sound of Music. The song is “Do Re Mi.”











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