Writing a book well takes time!

You have a concept, but you’re not sure where to begin.  Let us work with you to make it happen!

Perk Up Your Prose Coaching

3-Month Program

Book Writing Success Coach offers a writing-intensive that polishes your writing skills in just 90 days.

Book Writing Success Coach has helped hundreds of people to perk up their prose and improve their writing proficiency. With a thorough review of your writing and a personalized approach to coaching and guidance, your skills will improve when you participate in this program.  Gain new confidence in your ability to represent yourself well on the page!

Program includes:

  • Review of your writing skills
  • Learn to enhance your writing
  • Spend at least 6-10 hours per week in writing exercises and practice to become a better writer
  • Program specially tailored to your needs
  • Weekly one-on-one half-hour phone sessions, where we will review your writing, offer suggestions and provide next steps for improving
  • Unlimited emails – one topic per email – that will be answered within 24-36 hours – to clarify questions you may have.
  • Starting from the beginning with sentence construction, building from there to paragraphs, full pages/concepts and conclusions, your writing skills will be taken to a higher level. Vocabulary building may be included after initial review.
  • This commitment is one that can allow you to be a better writer. Even a geek can improve his/her life with better writing skills! Improve your confidence by becoming a better communicator… which can be life-changing!
  • BONUS: 7-Part Audio Series – “How to Write a Great Book to Increase Your Credibility and Your Money Generating Opportunities”

Total Investment:  $7,497.00

Consulting On-Call

3-Month Program

This new Book Writing Success Coach program, created by popular demand, is for the writer who needs only a little coaching, but spread out over a 3-month period.

The free-flowing schedule allows a writer who is comfortable with setting their own pace a chance for coaching when the need arises, not on a set schedule.

Critical decisions can be discussed when an author needs the input, instead of the more structured schedule of the other programs.

Program includes:

  • Nine half-hour calls, spread out over the 3-month timeframe, used when the need arises.
  • One 10-page written draft may be submitted for review, allowing at least 48-hours for the follow-up call.
  • Or instead, a writer can submit one page per call for review in advance of the call.
  • During a call, the writer may discuss outline, plot, character, language and any other concerns about his/her writing.

The results: Clarity, objectivity, motivational strategies offered when requested.

Calls must be scheduled, but are often available the same day.

Total Investment: $6,497.00

Shelley on Your Shoulder Coaching

6-Month Program

Starting with just your idea and some basics, we’ll spend six months guiding you to completion of your book’s first draft.  On your shoulder … figuratively, looking over your writing and guiding you along the way.

Plan to devote at least two hours a day to writing (plus our calls and contact).

We’ll work to speed your writing process and your page output per day.  If you are inspired and write well, this can be accelerated to provide more time for polishing your output.

Program Includes:

  • Completion and review of a book writing skills background and questionnaire
  • An organizational call to establish timeframes
  • Discussion of goals, writing strengths and areas for development
  • Assist with concept development: theme, organization, format, etc.
  • Monthly one-on-one calls to discuss progress
  • Unlimited emails access for your questions and follow up
  • Milestone checks to keep you on schedule
  • Tailored supplemental material to complement your required writing needs
  • BONUS: 7-Part Audio Series – “How to Write a Great Book to Increase Your Credibility and Your Money Generating Opportunities”

Total investment:  $14,997.00

Ghost Writer Program

Tailored program to fit your needs – 6 months to full year

Our goal is to help you produce a written book that makes you proud!  If you don’t want to write your book yourself, but you have an idea and information, we can discuss a Ghost Writing project.

To make this a success, a phone call and a meeting or Skype/FaceTime contact prior to signing the contract would be required. If, after the in-person meeting the author and potential Ghost Writer are not a good fit, there is no further financial obligation on the part of the author.

The goal of this package is to develop a non-fiction book in as timely a fashion as possible. The book can be a historically based book, self-help, “how-to” book or any non-fiction.

Note: Please feel free to discuss a potential concept to see if it is feasible for this to be Ghost Written.  Any materials shared will be protected with a standard non-disclosure form.

Requirements for the author:

  • A solid concept with documentation of facts, dates, and characters/people to be included.
  • A rough outline of what is to be included in the book
  • Willingness to provide source material and information – quotes, full references, people who can be called to verify information and augment the material (which will be held confidentially)
  • An idea of what the outcome of the book is to be – how does it end?
  • If people to be discussed in the book are alive, does the author have approval or have you checked for legal clearance or have incontrovertible proof of what you say?
  • Time to discuss details of the book for one-half hour or less as needed and/or response to email questions within 24-hours to speed the process
  • Availability and willingness to review drafts in a timely fashion (within 48 hours)
  • If the book requires drawings or photographs, the author will pay for and/or provide the art with the help of personal materials, original purchased art work, or stock photo/art (sources can be suggested by Ghost Writer)
  • Timely payment

Ghost Writer will provide:

  • Thorough discussion during the initial call and “in-person” meeting
  • Time for phone calls, emails and writing to speed the book
  • Quick feedback with questions on materials supplied or additional information required
  • Regular feedback to author
  • Drafts of chapters
  • Research to corroborate dates and people (if applicable)
  • Evaluation and assistance with book outline and organization.

Length of book needed and timeframe for completion will influence pricing. If the work requires additional time to produce a lengthier project, costs will be adjusted when that is determined.  If a quicker finished draft is required, costs and time required will be adjusted.

An upfront fee of estimated costs will be required to commence the project after the initial meeting has resulted in a decision to work together.  A full contract will be provided if the decision to begin writing is reached. Either party may end the relationship with one month’s notice with fees paid in full.

Total Investment: Priced per project, please call to discuss.

Specialty Assignments

If you don’t see a program that’s the perfect fit for your needs –

We can tailor your program to accommodate your special assignments – contact us!

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