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How To Write Your Story

Do you know how to write your story? I believe everyone has a story and many of you would like to tell that story in a book. In fact, 200 million people want to write a book.

Shelley Gillespie is the Book Writing Success Coach, and she makes book writing and publishing a fun, rewarding and memorable experience.

A former successful corporate marketer and award-winning journalist, Shelley coaches clients in writing and branding with books.

Boomers are reinventing themselves or starting the retirement they’ve always dreamed of; and entrepreneurs are using books for branding and to establish their AUTHORity. As they think of leaving a legacy, Boomers also consider writing books to share knowledge, influence people, and create new careers.

Shelley has access to self-publishing, traditional and hybrid publishing avenues to make writer’s dreams come true. She founded Book Writing Success Coach to assist boomers like you with the many writing projects you want to complete.

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Putting Words on the Page: How to Start Writing Your Book

INTERVIEW GUEST: Shelley Gillespie

Shelley Gillespie is an Award-winning journalist, writer, speaker, educator, trainer, marketing and writing consultant. She is the founder of Book Writing Success Coach. Book Writing Success Coach offers writing tips, expert guidance and personalized coaching to either first time writers who need a coach for direction or experienced writers who need a coach to meet their deadline. As a writing consultant, Shelley has provided inspired copy that helped people win significant clients and business. Shelley is the author of “10 Steps to Book Writing Success”.


You have an idea for a book. You’re excited about your concept. You know just what should be included. Then, you begin roughing out details in a file. You share your idea with your closest friends. Some of them love it; some of them are so-so. Several are not encouraging. Now, your enthusiasm is dampened. You’re giving the idea a second thought. Doubting yourself, you think you’ll shelve the book – for now. How could something that made your energy level accelerate and your mind expand with possibilities suddenly be worthy of shelving? When a dream is withering, it’s time to reexamine your priorities. Can you let your dream disappear? Don’t let your inspiration waver because of the crowd’s opinion. Trust yourself. Books are precious and important.

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How to Become a Successful Author

Discover how to turn your ideas into reality by writing your own book.  During this presentation you will learn how to develop the premise for your book using your own valuable experience and expertise.  Learn how to develop your outline, organize your information and develop structure to get your book completed.

Develop motivational strategies to make your energy, knowledge and enthusiasm result in a finished work.  Writing a book requires a high level of commitment and dedication … Shelley shows you how to make it happen with ease.

Learn How To

  • Effectively develop a plan for your book project
  • Establish a schedule for writing and completing your book
  • Decide on a system to turn your words into print
  • Create a great book that makes a difference.

Success Strategies to Improve Your Writing Skills

Discover your inner muse to become a better writer. Improve your life and those around you by advancing your writing skills.  Learn how to organize your thoughts, make your writing flow easily and express yourself in print effectively.

Whether it’s reports for work, a personal project, or becoming a better writer to help others, writing proficiency can make a difference in your life and those around you.

Learn How To

  • Evaluate your writing goals and set a plan to achieve them
  • Dramatically improve your writing skills
  • Get your thoughts organized to make your writing flow easily
  • Improve your writing to express yourself effectively.

Successful Writing Skills For Executives

Discover how to use your talents to become a successful writer.  Whether you’re challenged by corporate correspondence, white papers, speeches or annual reports, you can learn how to ‘up your game’ and improve your writing skills.

As a successful executive, it’s extremely important to express thoughts effectively in print.  Shelley will show you how to dramatically improve your written communication for better understanding within and outside your organization.

Learn How To

  • Focus on key statements to make your case
  • Develop a more professional style and approach to writing
  • Communicate your thoughts effectively in print
  • Produce compelling, convincing and persuasive copy.

How to Get Your Book Successfully Published

Discover the ins and outs of the book publishing business.  Learn which options are available from self-publishing to traditional publishers.  Uncover the costs and the timing to get your book published with a step-by-step action plan.

Learn the many avenues available for marketing your book to the public.  Explore traditional and tailored approaches to marketing your book to find its audience.

Learn How To

  • Create a step-by-step action plan to get your book to print
  • Evaluate your options for publishing your book either by self-publishing or traditional publishing
  • Examine what’s available for covers, layout and illustrations
  • Develop a marketing plan to reach your ideal target.

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