Book Writing Success Coach Teleseminar Series

Have you been bursting to write a book? Carpe diem! (Seize the day!)

It is time to follow your dream about writing a book. Share your knowledge, expertise or fantastic story with the world!

Also, books are valuable business tools and provide a status that business cards cannot offer. They show you to be an authority!

In the Book Writing Success Coach teleseminar series beginning on Thursday, August 14 and continuing for six Thursdays, you will have a glimpse into what it takes to make your book writing dream a reality.

The series is free!

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So, please join Book Writing Success Coach Shelley Gillespie for strategies, examples and straightforward experience that will pave the way for your book project. She will share the good, bad, ugly and some very funny examples of how writing can work for you and your projects.

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The series offers solid information on how to:

  1. Write a successful book and become a published author.
  2. Move past writer’s block to achieve your writing goals.
  3. Develop a system to get your writing projects completed on a schedule.
  4. Dramatically improve your writing proficiency.
  5. Protect your writing, your business and your Intellectual Property.
  6. Write a great book that creates buzz.
  7. (BONUS) – Research to write a better book.

Week 1 – Write a Successful Book and Become a Published Author (August 14)

You have decided you want to become an author. Congratulations! Now, what do you need to do to get started? Join us to learn:

  • What you should know before you begin writing.
  • How long it will take to complete a manuscript.
  • Organizing your process and your content.
  • The 7 things you’ll need to do to make the book publishable and protect you.

Week 2 – Move Past Writer’s Block to Achieve your Writing Goals (August 21)

You’re writing and words are flowing on the page. But, then the dreaded writer’s block hits you. You’re stuck! Now what? Join us to learn:

  • Strategies to get “unstuck.”
  • Approaches to keep the words flowing.
  • Ways to flex your brain power and keep you on top of your writing game.
  • Creative writing for fiction or non-fiction.

Week 3 – Develop a System to Get your Writing Projects Completed on a Schedule (August 28)

Writers have the best intentions. They will write every day, finish the book on schedule, and have a truly world-class book result. Sometimes, life gets in the way! How do you keep on track when that happens?

Join us as award-winning author Kris Tualla shares how she juggles her busy schedule and still manages to complete 100,000-word historical novels on deadline.

Author Kris Tualla writes fascinating historical novels that focus on Norway in past centuries.

Learn how to:

  • Organize your mind, your desk, and your life.
  • Develop a reasonable, manageable schedule.
  • Learn to tune out the rest of the world.
  • Juggle – writing, family and life.

Week 4 – Dramatically Improve your Writing Proficiency and Quality (September 4)

Even the best writer can upgrade his or her writing. With over 20 years coaching writers, Shelley will share approaches to improving your writing output. Learn approaches professional writers use:

  • The 3 things you must never do in your writing.
  • The trick that makes readers take notice.
  • Enjoying gerunds.
  • Flexing your writing muscle.

Week 5 – The Words – And How to Protect Yourself in Contracts and in Your Writing (September 11)

Entertainment Law attorney Megan D. Scott will be Book Writing Success Coach Shelley Gillespie’s guest this week, discussing:

  • Contracts and CYA – red flags included.
  • When what you write could get you sued.
  • Writing as a business.
  • Protecting your work and intellectual property.
  • When do you REALLY need a lawyer?

Attorney Megan Scott will be joining me on the call. Her legal focus is on – entertainment law, estate planning, intellectual property, and business law, working with artists, entertainers, and small business owners.

View More:

A graduate of Sandra Day O’Connor School of Law graduate, Megan practices Business and Entertainment Law at Kleinman Law.

In 2013, Megan launched her own production company, Lucky Peanut Productions, as an independent vehicle to bring great art to the people. Ideally this will one day include a film adaptation of one of Megan’s novels.

Please join us for an informative, fun, and lively discussion on writing from a legal perspective for both non-fiction and fiction writers.

Week 6 – Write a Great Book that Creates Buzz! (September 18)

Cheyenne McCray, NY Times bestselling author with 1.5 million books in print and e-book

What does it take to write a great book that creates buzz and readership? If everything else is in place, readers!

Join us for a fun and informative discussion with NY Times bestselling author Cheyenne McCray, who has 1.5 million books in print and e-book.

Books entertain, educate or are a must read, since people want to find out what everyone else is reading.  Learn how to get the buzz!  Cheyenne and I will talk about:

  • How she developed her writing career
  • How she built a following
  • How her publishing experience differs now with social media and e-books
  • What she sees for the future.


All of the bestselling authors know their subject matter well – at least by the time the book is completed! How did they learn all of that detail? By research and experience! Being committed to creating a solid book should involve research, even if it is just genealogy for a memoir.

Roger Gillespie, an experienced researcher – and writer – will be sharing his extensive experience. With a degree in history, specializing in the American Revolutionary War period, he knows how to find elusive information to enhance writing and add authenticity.

Roger Gillespie

Roger Gillespie

He’s researched at the Library of Congress, U.S. Patent Office Public Research Facility, and many brick and mortar library facilities. Online, he’s adept at using both public and fee-based private resources.

His research has been used for newspapers, fiction and non-fiction books, and, most recently screenplays.

This special bonus session will discuss some approaches to getting the information you need to write your book:

  • How do authors get the info?
  • How detailed do you need to be?
  • Why fiction can be forgiving, but non-fiction is more exacting.

We hope you can join us for these informative and entertaining teleseminars! The one-hour sessions will offer some invaluable insights and information on book publishing.

And, Book Writing Success Coach will be offering some special bonuses to participants!

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