If you need a professional writing coach and mentor, you would be privileged to work with Shelley Gillespie. She has dramatically changed my life. I went from sitting on my sofa dreaming of becoming an author to being an author. When I met her, I knew immediately that she came into my life at just the right moment to help me fulfill my lifelong dream.
After years of frustration and discouragement, Shelley successfully guided me with her dedication to my success. She was patient and spot on with the process of getting started, critiquing and editing copy, networking with publishers, and the instrumental telephone conversations that led me to achieve success. In addition, she led me to the right resources and helped me with networking ideas. It has made my hidden passion come to light and my heart happy. I am currently writing my second book. The extra bonus for me is that I also have found a priceless friend who gets me. ~ Darlamae Fromstein, author of A Wiser Heart, a healing journey
Thank you so much for the 'extra value' you've provided and for spending so much detailed time with me on the phone. I'm very much looking forward to getting back into my rewrites with your suggestions, which I found to be fabulous. I know you will help me become a better writer. You have a gift. ~ Marlissa Feliciano.
Shelley Gillespie suggested I write a book that might encourage others to find a reason to keep on living.  I thank Shelley for her encouragement, patience, persistence and contacts.  Without her, I would never have completed my book and my struggle would have gone untold. ~ Lee B.

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